Digigraphie ®


Digigraphie ® by Epson will open a whole new horizon of possibilities.
Thanks to Digigraphie ® the art world can now utilise the advantages of digital technology.

Digigraphie ® gives artists more freedom, more visibility and allows you to control your own production.

The creation of the Digigraphie ® label is relatively recent. Digigraphie ® was officially launched on 13th November 2003, at the centenary of the Autumn Exhibition. But its practice is much older. For several years, photographers, sculptors and painters, as well as service providers (photo laboratories and lithographic studios), have been using the technology of Epson printers to produce prints on art paper. This in turn has opened the doors to a new discipline: the digital reproduction of a work of art.

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We can accept files via CD/DVD, email, Media Drive, or File Transfer
Please use wetransfer https://wetransfer.com/ for image transfers.
You can visit us, where we will down load directly from your media to one of our workstations, this will then make the order available for us to print within 24 hours.
All media returned with the finished order, carriage charged at cost.

Work returned to UK mainland address normally within 48 hours of receipt, payment with order unless by prior agreement with Images 2 Print.

We can provide a calibration print and image on CD which will help in preparation of work sent to us.
Please contact us on 01392 496066 or via email

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