Technical Requirements

Standard printing - up to 18" x 12".

Images should be supplied as rgb .jpg files with Srgb profile.
Images should be sized to the print size @ 300ppi.
Images size should match print sizes available.
Where print size or ratio does not fit standard print sizes, images should be put on a canvas size that does match.
Where images are not supplied as above some cropping of the image may occur.
Where other sizes are required, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Exhibition printing for photographers and artists.

Technical requirements for large format printing:

Images should be supplied on PC readable disk, we prefer tif format with adobe1998.icc embedded but we can work from jpg or psd
Images should be supplied colour corrected. final adjustments can be made in lab but will be charged.
For information on colour management follow this LINK

You can download a calibration image for Adobe RGB - HERE (right click save link as)
You can download a calibration image for SRGB - HERE (right click save link as)
You should be able to see all 22 grey squares which should be neutral grey

Images should usually be sized to a minimum of one quarter print size. 
eg. for 24"x20" minimum size 12"x10" @300dpi
For large images above 48" please contact


At the initial consultation we talk through your project, make initial preparation of the images for print and produce test strips. Once you have the test strips and are happy we can sign off the work ready to print. Our charge for this is £35.00 per hour whilst you are with us. The prints will be produced at our normal square metre cost of materials and inks used, unless otherwise negotiated.

Download preparation notes HERE

In addition if required we can provide training and help in the preparation of work at a cost of £35.00 per hour.



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