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Images2Prints (formally Focal Point Imaging)   "Change of name, but everything else is still the same"

What do we do

Situated in the bustling seaside town of Teignmouth Images2Prints offers high quality inkjet prints to traditional photo-based media, art papers and canvas. Using only Epson printers with dedicated inks to suit the specific surface of the papers we can guarantee the best quality results, our wide format printer uses Epson Ultra Chrome HCX inks which will give you the maximum longevity when printing to papers such as 300 gsm Cotton Rag and Traditional Photo Paper, gaining the title of Giclee prints.

Scanning of photos for restoration or reproduction can give an old print a new lease of life and future proof family history. Copying of artwork for archive or limited-edition print are all part of the service we offer.

Inkjet printers, paper, inks & traditional photo materials are available or to special order in store.

Our USP is the years of knowledge all available to you, just ask!

Come along to "Images2Print" in sunny Teignmouth, visit us, dip your toes in the water, sample some excellent food from the various restaurants and cafes.


Having spent most of my life involved with photography or image making has given me a unique insight to the various issues facing photographers who want to show off their work to its best advantage.

Starting at school with a makeshift darkroom in the store cupboard in the Geography room, I learnt the hard way, failed film processing with out of date chemicals, insufficient black out fogging the paper. But when you get it right the magic starts, and has continued for me for over 48 years, I still get a buzz from printing a quality image and seeing the face of the recipient.

After trading in Exeter as Focal Point Imaging for over 27 years we took the major step to move to our home town of Teignmouth in late 2018. Lots of new faces, challenges with more Artists coming through the door, plus most of our existing customers still supporting us, so we must be doing something right.

Images2Prints was born out of Focal Point Imaging, we wanted the business name to reflect what we do, and making quality prints from your images is what we do hence "Images2Prints".

Focal Point Imaging is still trading as a supplier of traditional and digital equipment and consumables with me still being the point of contact, the only change is that everything is supplied from a central warehouse rather than our shop. The advantage is a faster delivery time, keen pricing and a more diverse range of products for you to try.


How do I put up with spending 24/7 with Chas! I do not know, but many years of marriage and the last 25 years working with him on daily basis we must be doing something right. Having changed my role from accounts to printer has been an interesting transition, and very enjoyable, every day sees a new challenge with so much diverse work being presented to us.

I keep Chas on track making sure he does not spend too much money on new printers, old film cameras or cars, all of which he assures me are essential to the business?

And of course as Chas says someone has to make the tea and do the cleaning!


Alan and Chas go back a long way to the "black art of the darkroom" often referred to as an odd couple when working together at various events.

Working very closely with the Beaford Archive preparing the James Ravillious collection ready to print as James would have wanted, is just one of his many skills.

Alan shares the passion of making quality images, he is very evangelical with regard to open source software especially the Photoshop free alternative "Gimp".
He offers training to those who want to expand their skill base in image manipulation or to those who are just starting out.

http://www.theuniversody.co.uk/moreinfo.htm - for more information.


Mr camera club, everybody knows Mike Bond from his years with Mifsuds in Brixham and association with local photographic groups, now he is with us a couple days of the week. He calls it therapy, spending time advising customers which camera or lens they should be buying next (we only sell a few old film cameras) plus scanning, printing and restoring old mages.

His vast experience as a professional photographer can be tapped into when he is with us, helping you get that competition winning results, but only if we print it!


We look forward to seeing you soon


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